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SALUT AU MONDE! is a program of exhibitions of contemporary photography which is focus on diversity and alterity. It showcases work from authors coming from far away places that have in common their interest in explaining the world around them.

SALUT AU MONDE! is freely inspired by the poem of Walt Whitman of the same name. This program arises from the desire to get to know those who seem to be strangers to us and to help overcome the stereotypes that often condition our gaze.

In parallel with the exhibition program, SALUT AU MONDE! wants to offer alternatives to the traditional model of art gallery and to propose new ways of connecting with artists and publics. As an example of the above, and in collaboration with the photographers, it will offer a collection of special editions more accessible in price. SALUT AU MONDE! shall also promote a number of public activities to better understand the context of the work exhibited.

SALUT AU MONDE! is a curatorial project developed by Pablo Berástegui which is possible thanks to the complicity of a large group of people that share their passion in the photographic medium, the so-called pioneers (discover how to join this community here), it has its epicenter in the city of Porto (Portugal), in Espaço SP620, that opened in 2019.

Salut au monde original.jpg

Courtesy of The Walt Whitman Archives

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