Forever And Over Again

April 22nd - July 2nd, 2022


Opening: April 22nd, from 6 PM until 8 PM

Forever and over again is a sample of Carlos Lobo's new editorial project, a wider body of work, published by Lebop under the title “I would run this way forever and over again”. The lyricism of both titles anticipates a work full of melancholy, in which youth reveals itself as protagonist, either as an ethereal presence or as saudade. In this series, the author reveals a kind of manifesto in immobilizing time and an idyllic perpetuation of youth (whose unraveling is inevitably uninterrupted).


Carlos Lobo (Guimarães, 1974) is a photographer, editor, musician, film maker, ... disciplines that intertwine and complement each other, defining a personal universe where countless themes and interests are mixed and mutually influenced. It is as if the author rebelled against the establishment of a single formal language, instead seeking a constant reinvention of his work, whose themes range from landscape, portrait to still lives.


As a complement to the exhibition, it will be possible to enjoy some publications from his publishing house Lebop, including the new publication that will be launched at the time of opening, as well as a selection of previous works by Carlos Lobo himself, published by Editions Loco, from Paris.


+ Humberto Brito: I Would Run This Way Forever

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