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As Steve McCurry mentioned in a recent interview, “connecting with people has never been so essential to protect humanity”. With this idea on mind, the exhibitions are the vehicle chosen to depart to meeting others. And documentary photography, the fuel used to do so.

The heart of the exhibition program collects the ideas drawn in Whitman's poem and declines it from different places and premises. These shows are identified by the suffix SAM! (acronym for Salut Au Monde!) and the ordinal corresponding to the exhibition number.

In parallel to these shows, the work of a photographer whose work has marked the way to approach photography to future generations will be presented from time to time. Special attention will be given to those names barely recognized by the public but whose trajectory deserves to be reviewed. Theses exhibitions are identified with the suffix REW (Rewind) e o ordinal. Likewise, as often as possible, a completely new series of work will be presented depicting a new angle to the career of an Iberian photographer (either Portuguese or Spanish), identified by GP (Guest Photographer) followed also by the series number.

Finally, throughout the year the work of a new generation of photographers will be presented in the Work in Process (WIP) section. An opportunity to experience other ways of using photographs and storytelling strategies that belong to series still unfinished, which would be confronted with the public for the first time, using different media and displays (projections, talks, ...).

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