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Building on the legacy of its founder, Pablo Berastégui Lozano, Salut au Monde! begins a new era with a new curatorial team and the SAM!2024 program. SAM!2024 features photography exhibitions, discussions, and photobook presentations. The program examines the impact of globalization on social and cultural identities, emphasizing 21st-century displacement. It explores Portugal's role in the global south, covering return migration, urban-rural disparities, and gentrification.


SAM!2024 begins with the exhibition Flowers by Rita Barros, opening on June 12th at 6 PM.

Flowers (2023) is a series that continues the performative actions that Rita Barros carries out from her apartment 1008 in the Chelsea Hotel, where she has lived since 1984. The series celebrates the importance of provocation and desire as forms of resistance to the gentrification process of this place. In the videos on display, Barros uses the corridors and the terrace of the hotel as improvised stages, from "Chelsea Housewife" (2013), which deals with the sarcasm of cleaning the hotel under demolition set to a poem by Rene Ricard, to "Another Happy Day" (2012), where she reenacts the absurd and emphasizes the futility and helplessness against the incivility surrounding her. 

Rita Barros was born in Lisbon in 1957 and has lived in New York since 1980. She holds a master's degree in Art in Media: Studio Art from New York University/International Center of Photography, where she is also a photography professor.

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