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We are Family! (Large) is a group show, focused on exploring alterity through seven visual essays presented in the program of exhibitions Salut au Monde! (Espaço SP620, Porto). For its presentation in Lisbon, we are launching a We Are Family! portfolio, as a means to support the exhibition that will take place at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, from October 1st until the 21st, 2021.


This WAF! portfolio, limited to only 20 units, includes the 6 special editions printed so far, by Andrea Gjestvang, Elena Anosova, Lionel Jusseret, Bharat Sikka, Kovi Konowiecki and Luis Cobelo.


All giclée print on Tecco SP310 (all pictures printed in a paper of 216 x 279 mm) – Smooth Pearl 310 gr.


"A hand, a face, the back, a silhouette make up the Salut au Monde! yearbook: the reconstruction of a puzzle, of a human figure fragmented by the four corners of the globe. A metaphor for the desire for an encounter, a unity. A metaphor, after all, for the mission Pablo Berástegui proposes: to converge the diversity of the world within its walls." Vera Carmo

WAF! Portfolio

750,00 €Preço
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