Apr 7th - May 8th, 2021

Opening: Wednesday April 7th (15 - 20 h)


The exhibition and associated events will take place following all the safety and social distance rules prescribed by the DGS.

Salut au monde! invites photographer Tito Mouraz to present his new series Mergulho, a collection of pictures of the Azores landscapes that entitles him to confront the possibilities and limitations of the photographic language. The exhibition can be visited between April 7 and May 8, 2021, from Wednesday to Friday, from 2 pm to 7 pm; and Saturday, from 10 until 13 am (until authorities allow us to open in our standard times).

In the artist's photographic trajectory, there has always been an attraction for boundary territories - seascapes, volcanic zones, caves, forests, mountains, etc. Places that for him do not necessarily have to be distant, but in some way the inhospitable geographic and climatic conditions usually dictate their own experiences and ways of being. Although at the beginning the goal was to capture real places, when visiting the exhibition it is perceived that the documentary quickly moves to an abstract, staged or even fictional realm.


Tito Mouraz usually works on film therefore it is only once in his laboratory that the images appear. In these series though, as he highlights: “I had to work with the results on the very moment of taking the picture, implying practically immediate decisions. The instant film that I used, depending on the temperature, is processed in about a minute. Once this process is stopped and the film separated, the dyes can be transferred to another surface”. The confrontation within these images can easily take us into a trip to the interior, an immersive experience, as in diving.

, most frequently than not, are related to other disciplines such as painting or drawing, and in particular, as the photographer points out, to “an inevitable return to the childhood of forms, circles, the mixture of colours, the stamp of the hands repeatedly”.


As highlighted by curator and professor Sérgio Mah, who was commissioned to reflect about this project, when looking at these images, "one realises that, as well as the photographed themes, Tito Mouraz aims to reflect on the range of possibilities of the photographic medium, even attempting to draw connections with other modes of artistic expression, like painting and drawing”. In addition to this fusion of facts and fictions, there is a desire and an attempt for the Azores landscape to appear here as powerful as it seems when we are in your presence.

The outcome of this approach is a number of unique pieces that can be appreciated for the very first time in their original nature.

Mergulho (Dive), por Sérgio Mah.

Guest Publishing House: Dewi Lewis Publishing


Founded in 1994, Dewi Lewis Publishing has published books by leading British and international photographers, many of them have been shortlisted for a range of international prizes and several have won awards. The aim of the company is to bring to the attention of a wider public, accessible but challenging contemporary photography by both established and lesser known practitioners. Dewi Lewis Publishing is a partnership owned and run by Caroline Warhurst and Dewi Lewis.


The selection of books presented at Salut au monde! includes Tito Mouraz's latest book as well as publications by Laia Abril, Kurt Tong, Louis Quail, Álvaro Laiz, David Denil, Te Ahi-Ka, Piotr Zbierski or Charles Rozier.


An inevitable return to the childhood of forms, circles, the mixture of colours, the stamp of the hands repeatedly

Tito Mouraz (Portugal, 1977) completed the Visual Arts and Photography degree at the ESAP in 2010, in the city of Porto where he currently lives and works. He has been exhibiting regularly since 2009 in Portugal and abroad, including exhibitions at the Centro Difusor de Arte Module, Lisbon (Portugal); The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki); Format International Festival of Photography, Derby (UK); Archipelago - Contemporary Arts Center, (Azores, Portugal); Blanca Berlin Galería, Madrid (Spain); Tampere Art Museum (Finland); Image Museum, Braga (Portugal); Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland); Circulation Festival (s), Paris (France); Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa (Lisbon); Voies Off Gallery, Arles (France) and Encontros da Imagem, Braga (Portugal). His work is present in several public and private collections.


In Portugal, Tito Mouraz is represented by the Module - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisbon.

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