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23.02.2019 > 20.04.2019

Zurumbático is an endless journey to the place where “One hundred years of solitude”, the literary work of the writer Gabriel García Márquez was born.

A story full of extraordinary essence, contained in thousand of Latin American villages, roots of a gigantic empirical hemisphere, passionate, forgotten, fickle, violent, improvised and above all, happy.

Aracataca is the writer’s native town in which originates the inspiration of his unique Macondo. This site and its surroundings, within the Caribbean area of Colombia, is my starting point. The leitmotiv was the book; and the result, was a mass of images that were revealed spontaneous and unpublished; an intimate process of self exploration, poetic, magical, dreamy, ocasionally painful, charged with symbolism and enigmatic stories, connected with this way of being a continent and that, for me, mean a rebirth as an individual who has nurtured himself with that bleeding Latin American spinal cord.

Zurumbático is a tunnel of feelings, sensations, effects and especial events, in which I enter and leave as I wish. Immersed in this dimension, I understood and reconfirmed that the unusual, the everyday, the comic, even the tragic, has no explanation, neither asked nor sought. It is what it is.

"An endless journey to the place where One hundred years of solitude, the literary work of the writer Gabriel García Márquez was born."

Luis Cobelo was born in 1970 in Acarigua, Venezuela. From 1993 to the present he has participated in numerous art salons and photography festivals worldwide, highlighting in Venezuela 4 art halls in Aragua, 2 Michelena salons and the Fine Arts Biennial of Mérida; Generation 2000, PHotoEspaña, Fotonoviembre, Getxophoto 2011, in Spain; Fotofestival Horizonte Zingst 2013, in Germany; Cortona on the Move 2017 and the Più libri più liberi fair, in Rome, Italy; the Ibero-American Photography Biennial of Mexico; FotoVeritas in Costa Rica; among others. He has individually exhibited his work in Venezuela, France, Spain, Germany, Ecuador and Argentina. Since 2001 he works independently and makes documentary photography reportage in America, Asia and Europe that he has published in magazines in Spain, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, United States, Colombia, Peru, France, Italy, England, Germany and Portugal. In 2011 he was nominated for the UNICEF Picture of the Year Award and in 2012 he received the Hasselblad Latinamerican Photographer in the documentary category.


The exhibition "Zurumbático" has been presented in Cortona and Rome and Gangi (Sicily) in Italy, Mexico City and Puebla in Mexico, Miami (USA), Madrid in Spain, San José, Costa Rica and Caracas, Venezuela. The book was shortlisted for PHotoEspaña 2018 Best Book Of The Year Award. He is currently developing his latest project "Chas Chas" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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