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Nov 18th - Dec 30th, 2023

Opening: Nov 18th, from 6 until 8 PM


For Blindspot, Jayne Dyer occupies the gallery space with re-purposed photographs, text and objects, searching for blindspots in telecommunications, surveillance and nationhood. 

In her installation, time is manipulated. News, science fiction and spy narratives, are spliced and mashed together, prompting a lens on precarious states of play. Abrupt shifts between speed, stillness, shrill sound and silence block original meanings; creating blindspots as slippery and contradictory as the way we flip between a screen swipe and a turn of a page.


Jayne Dyer is an Australian artist and arts writer living in Lisbon/Porto. Her practice navigates between perception and behaviour, rupture and reparation; incorporating text, object, photographic and moving image installations. Her projects are supported by international arts agencies, with an Australian Federal Government award for arts achievements in Asia (2013), and a Commonwealth of Australia Public Service Medal for contributions to arts and education (2005). Dyer was Co-Artistic Director for the Bienal 2023 de Fotografia do Porto.

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© Jayne Dyer

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