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SAM! #4




September 19th - October 31st, 2020

Opening: October 18th

Exhibition included in Encontros da Imagem de Braga

In Return, a series shot along 2015, Andrea Gjestvang follows the trail of young asylum seekers who are deported back to their home countries; Nigeria, Iran, Afghanistan and Jordan. Images from their former homes, friends and environments in Norway blend with everyday situations in their new life after the return.


The work of Gjestvang sheds light on the challenges resulting from an immigration policy, where the long time it takes to process an asylum application has great consequences for an individual’s fate.

Over time, children often feel that Norway has become their home, whilst their country of origin becomes an even-more distant, unfamiliar place

Many who seek asylum in Europe risk living in a country for several years without a residence permit. Meanwhile, children start school, learn the language and generally integrate better into the communities than their parents. Over time, children often feel that Norway has become their home, whilst their country of origin becomes an even-more distant, unfamiliar place. This affect children and young people in a very serious way. Adolescence is a time when identity is formed; the individual undergoes tremendous change.

After deportation, the young people she photographed struggled with trauma and depression on account of losing friends, an established everyday life, and the deterioration of education, security and financial buffers – all basic needs.

As a complement to the exhibition, it will be shown a selection of photobooks by Nordic photographers, published by the prestigious Swedish publisher Journal Photobooks.

Amin's story

Amin's story

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Andrea Gjestvang (Norway, 1981) is a photographer based between Oslo and Berlin, where she takes on assignments and pursues long term personal documentary projects. With an intimate photographic approach she explores contemporary social issues in the Northern hemisphere. In 2012 she finished the project “One Day in History”, with portraits of the young survivors of the 22ndof July 2011 terror attack at Utøya island, Norway. The project gained international recognition, exhibitions and awards, including the prestigious L'Iris d'Or/Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year 2013. After graduating from OsloMet, Gjestvang has worked on assignment and published work in international publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Stern, Newsweek Japan, M Le Monde and Mare magazine, amongst others. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums such as Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, Munchen Stadtmuseum and The National Photographic Museum of Colombia. Over the years, Gjestvang has gained solid experience working as a picture editor and teacher in photography, and she has curated exhibitions. Andrea Gjestvang is a member of Panos Pictures.

Journal Photobooks. With a focus on publishing photo books, Journal was started in 1991 and is run by Gösta Flemming, also editor for all approximately 140 titles so far, including different language editions. Journal is based in Sweden.

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