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Above all, to be a pioneer today is to create space for change to occur.

Olivia Squire, Editor's letter

Suitcase Magazine (Sep 2019)


SALUT AU MONDE! is an independent initiative looking for ONE hundred people passionate about documentary photography, who are not scared of otherness and who want to share the world's exuberance to anyone.

In a moment where walls are built to protect us from the Other, SALUT AU MONDE! desires to open up to those who can hardly enter our comfort zone and embrace alterity.

The project also aims to offer an alternative to the traditional model of art gallery and claim the work of the creators through fair conditions (including both the production of their artwork in the best possible qualities and the remuneration of exhibition rights). Becoming a pioneer secures the sustainability of SALUT AU MONDE! and enables us to organize the program of exhibitions showcasing some of the most thrilling authors around the world.


In exchange for an endowment, SALUT AU MONDE! will allow those who enter the community to start a small collection of contemporary photography that depicts the diversity of today's world. The yearly subscription has a fee of 400 Euros, that entitles you to receive the 4 Special Editions of the year (with a value of 600 Euros if they were purchased independently).


Check here to know more about how it works or get register as a pioneer if you are ready to support the project by clicking in the image on the left.

Health and happines!



Nos termos e para os efeitos disposto nos artigos 13.º e seguintes do Regulamento Geral da Proteção de Dados Salut au monde! informa que:


O responsável pelo tratamento dos dados pessoais é a Asociación Cultural Pausa y verso, sendo que Contacto do Encarregado da Proteção de Dados é


Os dados pessoais recolhidos destinam-se ao envio de informação relativa ao programa Salut au monde!;


Os dados recolhidos serão conservados pelo prazo de 5 anos;


Os dados pessoais serão tratados de acordo com o disposto no Regulamento (EU) 2016/679, adotando a Asociación Cultural Pausa y Verso, enquanto Responsável pelo Tratamento de Dados, medidas técnicas e organizativas, tecnologias e procedimentos de segurança para proteger os dados pessoais do acesso, uso ou divulgação não autorizados.